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Corporate Pilates in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal & Calgary

We offer corporate Pilates classes in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Calgary!  We can bring the Pilates classes to your office or to your corporate event. Your employees will love it!  Your team needs a gentle exercise program? Pilates is perfect!  It is a physical training method based on yoga, dance, and gymnastics. It is practiced on the floor and you can also use objects (balls, elastic bands, etc) to create imbalances and force your body to use its stabilizing muscles.

Corporate Pilates mat classes can improve posture, increase muscle awareness and strength to assist in reducing neck and back pain. The non-impact movements involve concentration engaging both the body and the mind resulting in feeling good and more energized for the rest of your day. 

Are you looking for a Pilates instructor for your employee wellness program?

Our Pilates classes at work are for everybody, for all ages and fitness level. They are particularly good for those who spend a lot of time sitting at their workstation. We modify the movements for people who have special health conditions. Are you ready for Pilates classes at your office? 

For Pilates classes at work

  • No equipment required
  • For women and men
  • Perfect for lunch hour and after work
  • Also available for Corporate Events

For corporate Pilates in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Montreal

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Corporate Pilates in Toronto-Ottawa Calgary and Montreal


Corporate Pilates - Classes at your Workplace