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We offer employee wellness programs in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Calgary

If you are looking for an employee wellness program in Toronto Montreal, Ottawa, and Calgary. Santé Active offers a new approach with our employee wellness programs that will enhance your organization’s performance, ensuring higher efficiencies and an overall increased competitiveness. Our workplace wellness programs will allow you to put in place an environment that will engage your employees.

Our workplace wellness programs include activities relating to physical, mental health and well-being, will help your workforce in the following areas:

Whatever the size of your organization our wellness services can improve performance and increase competitiveness.

Canadian research shows that companies who promote the health and wellness to their employees get a higher return on their investment.

Our employee wellness program will have the following benefits to your corporation:

  • Lower health care cost;
  • Lower employees turnover rates;
  • Reduced absenteeism;
  • Reduction claims for medical expenses;
  • Better productivity;
  • Improving employee morale.

Employee Wellness in Toronto Ottawa Calgary and Montreal

Success stories of Canadian companies who have offered a workplace wellness program and their returns on their investment.         

  • In Toronto, Canada Life Insurance had a return of $ 6.85 for every dollar invested (reduced turnover, increased productivity and decrease in medical claims). On their wellness programs, the company had a return of $ 1.95 to $ 3.75 per employee per dollar invested.  During the first six months of the fitness program, the Toronto municipal employees who participated in the program missed 3.35 fewer days than those who did not participate.
  • BC Hydro employees who joined a fitness program sponsored by their employer had a turnover rate of 3.5% compared to an average rate of 10.3% for the company.
  • Vancouver Shipyards has installed a gym and a steam room on site; they have access to a personal trainer, a physiotherapist and a rehabilitation specialist. Between 1998 and 2001, complaints to the Commission on occupational accidents fell by 70%.

References:  Public Health Agency of Canada

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