Employee Health Assessment

We offer employee health assessments in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Montreal

Option 1 – Our Preventive Employee Health Assessment

Our Preventive Health Assessment is an investment that will help improve your organization’s efficiency. Having fit and healthy employees and managers will create a more productive and competitive company.

If you decide to choose our preventive health assessment for your business or workplace, we will start our work with a health assessment of your employees and/or managers and will evaluate the risk factors that may affect their health. Thereafter we will submit a general report based on the team results to help you better target actions you need to take to help your employees and executives to reach their optimal health. Our report will offer a comprehensive action plan to help your group make changes for a healthy lifestyle.

Our assessment sessions for executives and employees will begin with a face to face consultation with a nurse to detect health risk factors and we will help them to adopt healthier lifestyles by giving them recommendations and strategies supporting their changes for healthy lifestyles. They will then receive a detailed personal report on the results of the tests to help them improve their health.

We evaluate:

  • Blood pressure
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Body mass index
  • Weight
  • Medical history

Option 2 – Our Global Employee Health Assessment

By choosing this option in addition to getting all the items you find in the Preventive Health Assessment, your employees and/or managers will also receive an assessment of their fitness level. 

For employee health assessments in the workplace in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal or Calgary

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