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Are you searching for a personal trainer in Ottawa or Gatineau?

Let Santé Active help you finding the best personal trainer for your needs in Ottawa or Gatineau. We have a team of fitness trainers in your area and let us introduce you to Aurélie one of our trainers.

To be honest I've never had a past too much linked to fitness and sport. I've discovered my passion right after my arrival in Montreal, about 7 years ago. Hence I've decided to make this my full-time career. With the right mindset and discipline, everything is possible!

I am fond of working with body weight since results are seen fairly quickly and it helps us acquire an alternative way of training when no material is available. Hence there should not be any excuses to workout! In addition, these types of exercises promote muscular strength and endurance. This leads to a more optimal day to day in our busy lives.

Last November I had the honor to participate in my first bodybuilding competition, in the bikini category. During this experience, I have learned tremendously in how nutrition is a key component to muscle mass. I have seen my body change on a daily basis to attain my objective, and seeing the results is a true satisfaction. 

As mention previously, nutrition represents a big part of the work. Our bodies are the only place where we will be living all our lives, hence we need to take care of it and offer it the best nutrition possible. My passion is to offer my knowledge to my clients to help them attain their objectives. 

No matter what my goal is to inspire well-being. Everything is possible! 

I came out from my comfort zone 7 years ago, therefore, you can too. 

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