The Santé Active Challenge - Employee Wellness

Corporate fitness challenge in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal

Our Sante Active Challenge is a great team activity to motivate your employees to change their lifestyle and become more active every day. All they need to do is to bike, swim, walk, run, and train for at least 15 minutes a day--at work or at home. We can be as creative as you wish.

Are you ready for a corporate fitness challenge?

Corporate Fitness Challenge

Each team will collect points based on the length of the time they exercise and also on the intensity. They will record their activity in our system and the team with the most points will win the challenge.  This challenge will help your staff discover the benefits of an active lifestyle and they will also learn to organize their time to effectively incorporate fitness activities into their life.

  • For women and men
  • No equipment required

Corporate Fitness Challenge in Toronto Montreal Ottawa and Calgary

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Corporate Fitness Challenge