Personal Trainer Laval & North Shore - Valérie

Personal Trainer - Laval & North Shore - Valérie

Save time and find a personal trainer in Laval

Do you want to loose weight? To get in shape? To get prepared for a competition? To simply feel good? To increase your self-esteem? To increase your cardiovascular endurance or muscle mass?

Hi, my name is Valerie and I’m a personal trainer in Laval. I believe that anybody who wants to get a personal trainer should take time to evaluate the trainer’s experience in the business to see if it fits their needs. Here is a short description of myself as well as a list of the experience I’ve built throughout the years:


  • I am passionate for fitness and everything that surrounds it. This is why I have chosen to devote myself to spreading my knowledge about well-being, nutrition and exercise.
  • I am extremely task-oriented, this is why I make sure that my programs/trainings are very efficient in order to obtain a maximum of results;
  • I am very focused on the individual, which means that I love working with someone one-on-one to give him/her my 110% and support him or her all the way through the journey of attaining the fitness goals that are pursued;
  • I am a very adaptable person and I am used to working with customers of all ages.


  • Personal trainer since 2005 in Laval
  • Fitness instructor for many types of classes including Pilates (swiss ball and on floor), Tae-Bo, Stretching, Aerobics, Kickboxing, Circuit and Cross-fit
  • Sports and Recreation instructor for students (primary and highschool)
  • Basketball Coach
  • Fitness and Aquaform Instructor for a 50 years and over clientele 


  • Fitness Instructor Specialist Certification (FIS), Can Fit Pro;
  • Nutrition and Wellness Specialist (NWS), Can Fit Pro;
  • Personal Trainer Certification (PTS), Can Fit Pro;
  • First aid course, RCR level C+ A + DEA, 45h (valid);
  • Degree in Naturotherapy (ONQ)

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