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This is a reliable place to find a personal trainer in Toronto. At Santé Active, we have a team of fitness trainers on hand to help you reach your fitness goals! In order to save you time, we can help you find a fitness trainer that is near your location. Ahmad has joined our Toronto team.


Ahmad's strength is to help you achieve your fitness goals be it losing unwanted weight for good, building lean muscle, or realizing lifetime sustainable results. With over fifteen years of experience in Personal Fitness Training, regardless of how and where you start in your fitness journey, Ahmad will tailor a personalized science and experience-based training, and nutrition program specific to your needs, and body type that is efficient and sustainable.


Not your ordinary fitness trainer, Ahmad also has a strong background in Body Building, Gymnastics, and Martial Arts including Taekwondo, Judo, Brazilian Jujitsu, Karate, and Mixed Martial Arts, and has owned and managed his own gym in Istanbul, Turkey. Currently, while helping people achieve their optimal health and physique, he continuous to participate in various Brazilian Jujitsu and wrestling competitions in Toronto, Canada, and is studying ISSA (International Sports Science) Nutrition and Bodybuilding specialization

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