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You can find your personal trainer in Toronto here. We have a team of fitness trainers at Santé Active! We can help you find a fitness trainer near you so you can save time.  Our Toronto team welcomes Esraa.


It's my pleasure to meet you. I am Esraa, a personal trainer in Toronto.   


Sports were a part of my daily routine since a very young age. Exercises such as weightlifting, running, and extreme workouts became my passions. I grew up in a Middle Eastern family where food was heavy on fat, carbs, and desserts. 


I changed this lifestyle when I turned 15 years old. Instead of sugar and bad carbs, I switched everything to brown. I realized that if I don't do this for myself, no one will! 


At a very young age, I used to run in cold weather in Norway. I pushed myself to do this; I had no one to motivate me, no phone to track my runs, no music; and I was alone at 5 am before school. Since then, it has become my routine and lifestyle.  Today, I am more experienced, and I have more courage to help others, to give the push you need, to see you change, and to give you the motivation to start and to continue.  

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