Personal Trainer in Toronto - Zeena

Toronto Personal Trainer - Zeena

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Zeena has been enthusiastic about movement from a very young age. After completing her degree in the Dance program at York University in Toronto, she moved to Montreal to continue her training as a professional contemporary dancer at L’école de danse contemporaine. Zeena has since developed a strong sense of athleticism, artistry, technique, body awareness and movement.

Zeena is a dynamic and enthusiastic trainer who will motivate you toward achieving your goals. She will provide you with the tools to give you confidence and knowledge that you can apply to training for the rest of your life. Specializing in functional training, she offers a variety of exercise styles. From a somatic approach (training the nervous system through refined movements), to an explosive, ‘Boot Camp’ style approach (incorporating plyometrics, circuit and interval training), she will keep you stimulated, motivated and challenged. Injury prevention, posture and alignment are always a priority.

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