Pilates Instructor in Toronto - Shira

Workplace Pilates or Pilates for Seniors in Toronto

For corporate Pilates or Pilates at your home or for seniors in Toronto

Shira is a certified Mat Pilates instructor from Toronto, Ontario. She has over a decade of experience practicing Mat Pilates, Yoga and Yogilates. A life long competitive dancer and dance instructor, Shira was introduced to Pilates as a restorative, safe and effective method for building strength and stability throughout the body. She continued her dedicated Pilates practice along with a 15-year Yoga practice, and eventually turned this passion for movement into her Pilates instructor certification and career.

She has taught Pilates and Yogilates in yoga studios surrounding the GTA and now instructs private and corporate Pilates lessons to clients of all ages and skill levels. She also has taught Pilates based boot-camp classes, acting as a coach and instructor to an all-ladies team in the Durham region. Shira’s Pilates classes are engaging, challenging, and tailored to meet the levels and needs of each client or group. She brings her creativity, love for movement and music and passion for helping people to each Pilates client, class and session. 

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