Corporate Stretching Workshop

Corporate stretching workshop in Toronto Ottawa Calgary and Montreal 

Our corporate stretching workshops are available in Toronto, Ottawa Calgary, and Montreal. They are geared to help prevent any injury or chronic pain that your employees may suffer as a result of their activities in the workplace.

After a careful analysis of your needs, we will design a stretching program based on the specific types of activities of your organization with the comfort, security, and well-being or your employees in mind. We will create and teach stretching exercises that your employees will be able to perform throughout their workday to increase productivity and reduce stress and discomfort. 

We prevent work injuries 

These workshops can be taught individually or in groups, for the length of time that you choose.

How can a stretching workshop benefit your company?

  • Stretching significantly reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders and prevents certain types of injury and pain caused by repetitive movements or prolonged periods of inactivity.
  • Stretching exercises increase joint and muscle health. They also promote physical relaxation, flexibility, and improve working posture.
  • Stretching improves blood circulation as well as mental acuity and overall productivity.
  • Stretching can reduce costs related to injuries and loss of productivity in your workplace.

During these workshops, our certified professionals will first teach the participants a variety of exercises while carefully explaining the techniques and promoting the benefits of the movements shown.  Our teachers will thoroughly practice these movements with their students to ensure that they are well understood and properly performed by each, and teach them how and when to best use these techniques to maximize benefits.  Each participant will receive a document with pictures and diagrams of all of the exercises demonstrated. 

For a corporate stretching workshop in Toronto Ottawa Calgary and Montreal

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