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In-home personal training in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Calgary  

Find a personal trainer near you and optimize your life

  • Save time, money and stress by avoiding traffic to get to a gym, while also receiving our personal training service that is tailored to your specific needs.
  • Lose weight, get and stay fit, gain muscle mass, and sculpt and tone your body while preserving your youth.
  • Improve your performance for a physical challenge or for your sport of choice.
  • Personal training, create and maintain a physical activity routine in your life and improve your overall lifestyle.
  • We can train you whether you have the equipment or not.
  • Our personal trainers in CALGARY
  • Our personal trainers in MONTREAL
  • Our personal trainers in OTTAWA 
  • Our personal trainers in TORONTO

How can our personal trainers help you?

  • We help you define your goals and strategies to reach your target.
  • We build, structure and adapt your training programs according to your goals and abilities.
  • We tell you how to best execute movements so you can avoid injury and achieve faster results.
  • We motivate and give you tips on how to successfully achieve your goals.
          • Personal training will give you confidence in your abilities to succeed.
          • We optimize your workouts and results.

          We offer in-home personal training for everyone

          Where can our fitness trainers train you?

          • In the comfort of your home, your workplace, your health studio of choice, outdoors in a park or any other place that suits your needs, whether you have the necessary equipment or not.
          • Our private trainers can accommodate small spaces.
          • Our personal trainers are located in Calgary, Toronto (GTA), Greater Montreal, and Ottawa.

          When our trainers can train you?

          • Depending on your schedule; during the week, on weekends, days, evenings and at night.

          Our personal training rates

          We try hard to suit your fitness needs:

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