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Born in France, father of 4  active children, and a passion for sports, my goal is to train and motivate people so that they can bring out the best in themselves. 

As a navy officer for over a dozen years, I have trained thousands of new recruits as part of a sport fitness certificate.  The training represents  6 full months of intense sessions of running, swimming, and weight training exercises that pushes each person to their limits.  I have learned how to dig deep within myself and how to motivate others to find their motivation and inner source of strength.

In 1995, a free fall accident required me to be in a wheelchair for a few months. The Doctor told me to forget about running again. Determined to prove him wrong, I not only ran again after just 5 months of rehabilitation but I also completed 15 Ironman competitions since then including 5 podium finishes and 2 first place positions. I think that my background in the Navy and my inner passion for sports gave me the iron will to keep pushing myself beyond limits. 

I hope to be able to teach and encourage others to be the best that they can be!

My favorite mottos that represent my energy:

  • Are your excuses more important than your dreams?
  • The difference between a TRY and TRIUMPH, is just a little "UMPH!
  • What makes you so special isn't that you finished a race, but that you started training for till the finish line
  • If you are going to doubt something, doubt your limits
  • If there is time to Facebook, there's time to run!
  • Don't let anybody tell you, you can't, just because they can't!
  • You are only 1 run away from a good mood
  • Some addictions don't require treatment: Swim, bike and run...  

My Services:

  • Establishment training calendar with realistic goals setting with the athlete.
  •  Weekly training plan running / cycling / swimming.
  • Private Bike session  bike / running in my training studio with "Computrainer Pro Lab Racermate" and Ifit Treadmill / igoogle.
  • Lactic acid Test cycling / running (accurately determine your stress areas).
  • Bike positioning done in my studio or at home with software that takes into consideration your power, your heart and your pedaling efficiency.
  • Clinical information in sports nutrition.

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