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Vi is a registered nurse (RN) and a member of both the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec and the College of Nurses of Ontario. She holds a Bachelor degree in Nursing from the Université de Montréal and a Bachelor Degree in Biology from Concordia University. She is currently completing her Masters in Exercise Science. Vi is also an avid practitioner of Vinyasa Flow yoga.  

Vi’s background includes working as a nurse in cardiology, obstetrics, and as a research nurse for studies done by McGill and Concordia. Vi has always been acutely aware of how weight, nutrition and mental well-being affect the prevention, treatment and recovery of disease and injury. She believes that a healthy mind goes hand in hand with a healthy body, and strives to deliver proper nursing care and advice within this context. She will work hard with you to help you establish, integrate and maintain all your goals towards a healthy and productive lifestyle. 

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