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We have a team of personal trainers based in Guelph Save time searching for a trainer near you by contacting Santé Active.  We are pleased to have Patrick as part of our team.


Certified Exercise Physiologist and Personal Trainer.Looking for clients who want to improve their health and fitness and are looking for support with their fitness and health goals. Especially experienced with aging individuals and those looking to lose weight, improve functional fitness and improve health goals.


 Background in Tai Ji, Yoga, Track and Field, Boxing, Strength training, and Conditioning. Let me know if you want to gain muscle, improve your muscle-to-fat ratio, and feel better. Willing to work around injuries, health conditions, and specific training to include or avoid.


BIPOC and LGTBQ friendly, I am personally disabled so happy to work with individuals with diverse needs, and happy to work around a busy schedule.



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