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Are you looking for a personal trainer in Mississauga or Toronto? You can get fit with the help of fitness coaches close to you. You can get fit with the help of fitness coaches close to you. We can bring the right personal trainer for your needs right to your home. Santé Active invites you to meet our in-home personal trainer Jay.


I've been into fitness and sports since my childhood practicing Martial Arts for 34 years. I started workout 20 years ago by now.


Back there. I start to love the gym vibe, fitness, nutrition, and everything about it. When I noticed I was studying, reading books, listening to fitness podcasts, and doing curses. People started to ask for tips and help at the gym till someone asked me for a personal training session. So I decided to get my first certification.

I got addicted to Kinesiology and certification by certification I got here, with eight certifications and two more coming this summer. I found the challenge to understand women's physiology. That brought me to study women's metabolism and how to improve results for my clients?


As an Elite Trainer,  a specialist in women's metabolism and gluteus training, I'm able to train and help women to archive their goals and maintain their results.



  • Master Trainer - Certified by ISSA
  • Personal Trainer - Certified by ISSA
  • Sports Nutrition - Certified by ISSA
  • Group Fitness - Certified by ISSA
  • Kickboxing Instructor - Certified by ISSA
  • Glutes Training Specialist - Certified by ISSA
  • CPR and EAD - Certified by ISSA Certifications in the process:
  • Nutritionist - by ISSA  Expected certification 


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