Pilates Teacher in Toronto - Mila

Toronto Pilates - Mila

Find a Pilates teacher in Toronto at your home, senior retirement home or workplace

I am a certified Pilates teacher, being able to teach beginner and intermediate classes to all ages. Ruth Dargan is my Pilates teacher, who runs the yoga conference at the Metro Convention Center every year. I volunteer there every year to learn more about our physical body.

I love Pilates.  As a teenager, I hurt my back working in a factory. I was in constant pain in my twenties. I started taking Pilates and yoga. I have no back issues and I feel stronger than ever before.          

I am an educational assistant, helping children with special needs. I find myself helping students of all ages with simple core exercises even when they are in wheel chairs so they can have strong abdominal muscles.

 Pilates has made my core strong, and I realize I don’t have to work as hard to look great and feel great.

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