Boost Break - Stretching, Breathing and Core Exercises at Work

Reduce workplace stress with our stretching, breathing workshop in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa & Calgary

This wellness workshop will help your employees to reduce workplace stress. Our workplace stretching, breathing, and core exercise program is created to recharge your employee’s’ batteries. It will help them feel better for hours after. During the Boost Break, we will teach some stretching movements to loosen up muscles, some breathing exercises to oxygenate the body and some movements that require very little effort to strengthen the core muscles and help them with their posture. Do not worry, sweating is not allowed during the session.  Your employees will be able to use these exercises while working at their desk, as often as they need. 

  • No equipment is required
  • For office and factory employees
  • We offer 30, 45 and 60 minutes sessions
  • Can be customized to the needs of your team
  • Can be presented during a lunch and learn

For a workplace stretching, breathing workshop in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa & Calgary

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Workplace Stretching Breathing Worshop


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