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Corporate boot camp in Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, and Montreal

Corporate boot camps weren't invented by us; just improved and renamed Boost Camp. This group exercise class can be held at your workplace or during a corporate event. Our Boot Camp courses are provided in Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, or Montreal under the name Boost Camp. This exercise program enables employees to increase their flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and resistance. This physical activity would greatly benefit your employee wellness program.


This training program like our Boost Camp helps increase employee fitness while fostering team spirit. Fitness levels of all levels are welcome in this workplace fitness class. It motivates participants to adopt a healthier lifestyle while being fun. A certified trainer will lead the class.


Boost Camp sessions start with a dynamic warm-up, then transition into a short cardio period. We proceed with progressively harder muscle exercises, followed by a stretching period.


Participating in our Boost Camps will improve weight loss, muscle strength, endurance, posture, flexibility, and energy level.

Would you like a personal trainer for your Boot Camp?

Corporate Boot Camp - Group Fitness ClassOutdoor Corporate Boot Camp

  • No fitness equipment is needed,
  • For both men and women,
  • We offer 30, 45, and 60 minute sessions,
  • Can be done inside (in a conference room, warehouse) or outside,
  • Small spaces can be accommodated,
  • Suitable for all fitness levels,
  • Offered for corporate events.

Corporate Boot Camp is our Boost Camp in Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa and Montreal

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Corporate Boot Camp - Group Fintess Class in the Workplace