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We offer home osteopathy care in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Montreal

What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual therapy originating from the 19th century from the United-States; its founder is Dr. STILL. According to the operating principles of osteopathy, the body is a complex mechanism that is disrupted with time, with life… sport injuries, accidents, postural habits, repetitive professional gestures, obstetric trauma for the mother or child. Little by little, certain joints lose their initial mobility; osteopathy helps restore the lost mobility. Osteopathy is a manual practice that helps, in particular, the body’s articular locks to allow it to function better.

Save time and receive your osteopathic treatments at your home or office

Osteopathy obtains best results with so-called “functional” problems, which means pains with unknown causes, which sometimes hinder the life of patients for an extended period of time.

*** Most group health insurance will refund osteopathic treatments

The orthopedic and locomotor system

  • Sprains, tendinitis
  • Loin pain, dorsalgia, cervicalgia, back pain
  • Periarthritis of the shoulder,  joint pain, pubalgia
  • Coccygeal pain
  • Locking of the jaw
  • Neurological system
  • Sciatica, Cervicobrachial Syndrome
  • Cruralgia
  • Intercostal neuralgia

The cardiovascular system

  • Circulatory disorders in the lower limbs, hemorrhoids
  • Raynaud’s disease
  • Heart palpitations, oppressions

The digestive system

  • Bloating, hiatal hernias, flatulence, hepatobiliary disorders
  • Colitis, constipation
  • Ptosis, difficult digestion

    The genitourinary system

    • Pregnancy
    • Pain and gynecological dysfunction, cystitis
    • Disorders of sexual function, enuresis, prostatitis
    • The otorhinolaryngology system and head disorders
    • Rhinitis, chronic sinusitis
    • Vertigo
    • Ringing in the ears, headaches, migraines

    The vegetative nervous system

    • States of hyper-nervousness, depressive state, anxiety, stress
    • Difficulty sleeping, spasmophilia
    • The aftermath of trauma
    • Car accidents
    • Work-related accidents
    • Injuries from efforts or repetitive movements


    • Luxations, sprains, strains
    • Tears or muscle strains
    • Falls and shocks on all parts of the body, coccyx skull, training follow-up and preparation.

      The elderly

      • Postural and visceral osteoarticular follow-up
      • Aging prevention (ptosis, stiffness, deformity, muscular atrophy)
      • Maintaining autonomy 


              For home osteopathy care in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal or Calgary

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              Home Osteopathy Services Montreal Toronto Calgary and Ottawa


              Osteopath in Hamilton - Wendel

              Are you looking for an in-home osteopath in Hamilton?

              Let Santé Active introduce you to our in-home osteopath in Hamilton Wendel.

              I am a graduate of the National Academy of Osteopathy at Lakehead University. I have worked in healthcare for over twenty years, initially as a medical technologist and microbiologist. Then I worked and taught in the dental health field. 

              I gained experience in the fitness industry as an assistant manager in a large fitness corporation. I have enhanced my knowledge of how a person’s medical/dental issues can impact the ability of the body to move freely and exercise

              Registered Osteopath in Brampton and Mississauga - Lakhvir

              Are you searching for a mobile osteopath in Brampton or Mississauga?

              If you are looking for a mobile osteopath for services at your home in Brampton or Mississauga contact us. Lakhvir has graduated from National Academy of Osteopathy in Toronto and registered member of National manual osteopathic society. He also graduated from Canadian College of Holistic Health and registered Homeopath with College of Homeopathy Ontario 

              He has practical herbalist diploma from Wild Rose College of natural healing (Canada). He can provide osteopathic services in Bolton, Brampton, and Mississauga 

              Thank you

              Osteopath in Montreal - Maureen

              For in-home osthepath services in Montreal 

              • Internationally Accredited Osteopath
              • Bachelor of Arts, Clinical Psychology 
              • Registered Member of the Society of Osteopaths of Canada (SOC)
              • Reiki Master

              Maureen combines her fifteen years of clinical experience in Osteopathy, knowledge of Psychology, to take a genuinely holistic approach to complete mind, body, and soul healing.

              Maureen uses Osteopathy to help you heal from past Trauma, including:

              • Physical trauma including Sports injuries, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Concussions.
              • Emotional Traumas including Abuse, Anxiety, Unresolved Grief.
              • Debilitating

              In-home Osteopathy Service Toronto - Andrea

              Are you looking for in-home osteopathy service in Toronto?

              Andrea is mobile and offers in-home osteopathy service in the Toronto area. She is a registered member and the president of GOCC, the General Osteopathic Council of Ontario. I have graduated from Osteopathy Manual Medicine from Open International University of Sri Lanka, New Earth College in Ontario in 2004. Andrea is globally recognized in treating neurological conditions with Acupuncture, Osteopathy, and Nutrition.

              Andrea is an expert in Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Natural Medicine, and Coaching in natural products.  RAC. DO (mp), DNM

              In-Home Osteopathy Services in Toronto - Way-Ip

              We offer in-home Osteopathy services in Toronto - GTA

              If you are searching for in-home osteopathy services in Toronto GTA, let us introduce you to Wai-Ip. He is a Licensed Manual Osteopath with a Doctoral Degree in Osteopathy and a Master’s Degree in Athletic Therapy from the National University of Medical Sciences. He is also a NASM-Certified Personal Trainer with specialties in Corrective Exercise and Fitness Nutrition. Wai-Ip has been helping people overcome their pains and injuries, as well as achieve their fitness goals since 2004.

              Due to his diverse skill set, Wai-Ip is able to perform

              In-Home Osteopathy Services Montréal - Mathilde

              Are you looking for in-home osteopathy services in Montreal?

              Let us introduce you to Mathilde our Osteopath who can visit your home for your osteopathic treatments in Montreal more specifically in the Little Burgundy, St-Henry and in the neighborhood of the Atwater Market.

              Graduating in 2009 from the "College Ostéopathique de Bordeaux", Mathilde Hervieux initially practiced in France and Switzerland. Following this, she established her own successful business in St. Pierre and Miquelon (French Territory in North America).

              Over the years she has gained diverse, unique and effective professional

              Osteopath in Montreal - Fabbiano

              We offer in-home osteopathy services in Montreal, Longueuil, and Boucherville

              Are you looking for an osteopath for treatments at your home in Montreal, Longueuil, and Boucherville? We can help you. We have a team of osteopaths who can deliver your osteopathic treatments at your home or at work in the Greater Montreal.

              • Diploma in Manual Osteopathy (DOMP) at National Academy of Osteopathy
              • Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology) at McGill University
              • Associations: 
              • Osteopathic Chronic Pain Clinics of Canada (OCPCC)
              • Alliance Canadienne de Medicine Alternative (ACMA)

              Fabbiano uses an array of gentle