Tai Chi - Qigong for Seniors, corporate and in-home

Tai Chi or Qigong at home, in the workplace or for seniors

If you are looking for a Tai Chi or Qigong Instructor to come to your retirement home, your home or your workplace we have a team of instructors who is mobile in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Calgary. Would you like to offer your employees a session on stress relief and well-being? Or perhaps you are looking for a qualified instructor to come to your home or senior home saving you both the time searching for an instructor and the trouble of travelling to and from a studio.


Contact us for the trouble-free convenience of a Tai Chi or Qigong class given by a professional instructor. Join the many employers who offer corporate Tai Chi as a benefit to their workforce, a benefit that increases productivity, and reduces stress-related absenteeism.


What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi, also known as Tai Chi Chuan, is an ancient Chinese martial art and a mind-body exercise. It is characterized by slow, flowing movements, deep breathing, and a focus on mental concentration. Tai Chi is often practiced for its health benefits, as well as for self-defense and meditation.

The origins of Tai Chi can be traced back to ancient China, and it is believed to have been developed by a Taoist monk named Zhang Sanfeng. The practice combines martial arts techniques with philosophical principles, such as the concept of yin and yang and the flow of energy known as Qi (pronounced "chee").


What is Qigong? 

Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) is an ancient Chinese practice that combines movement, breath control, and meditation to cultivate and balance the body's energy. The word "qi" (also spelled "chi") refers to the life force or vital energy that is believed to flow through all living beings, while "gong" means work or skill. Therefore, qigong can be translated as "cultivating the energy" or "working with the energy."

Qigong encompasses a wide range of practices that have been developed and refined over thousands of years in China. It is considered a form of traditional Chinese medicine and is closely related to concepts and principles found in acupuncture, tai chi, and martial arts. Qigong exercises typically involve gentle movements, coordinated breathing techniques, visualization, and mental focus.

Tai Chi or Qigong at home, at work and for seniors

For Tai Chi or Qigong for seniors, in-home or corporate in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Calgary

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Tai Chi Teacher in Ottawa & Gatineau - Abbie

For Tai Chi classes at your workplace or for private classes in Ottawa and Gatineau

I have been teaching Tai Chi for almost 20 years and I am still learning along with my students. My goal is to use Tai Chi as a tool to pass on benefits such as better balance, flexibility, coordination, body awareness, muscle strength, confidence, circulation and relaxation. These are only some of the benefits. I teach my classes with humour and fun while doing the exacting moves in the Tai Chi sequence. Workshops and presentations given at conferences have benefitted those who have been sitting and in need

Qigong Teacher Toronto - John

For a Qigong class at your retirement home or workplace in Toronto

John is a martial arts and Qi-gong instructor, Shiatsu Therapist, and a Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist.  He began his martial studies in boxing at the age of 16, and later moved on to study Kempo,  Budo/Ninpo Taijutsu, and Goshin-jitsu.   In 2001 he earned his first degree black belt in Goshin-jitsu, and in 2002 his second degree black belt, at which time John began formally teaching on his own.  After spending 15 years competing in tournament circuits, John gave up competition to become more of a traditional

Tai Chi Instructor Toronto - Linda

Tai Chi classes at your senior residence or workplace in Toronto

Tai Chi is the exercise for body–mind harmony. It is internal & external martial arts, including stretch & tone. It is truly a unique complex program. Tai Chi indeed is more than just a form of exercise or martial art. It is a living philosophy. When we practice Tai Chi; we increase our life’s energy which is called “Chi”. “Chi” is energy, vitality and power. When we learn to work within this inner power on a daily basis, our body becomes stronger and we live longer with greater joy and fulfillment. We shield ourselves from

Tai Chi Instructor Montreal - John

For a Tai Chi Instructor in the workplace or at your home in Montreal 

With 18 years of Yang Style Tai Chi practice (24, 48 and 108 posture forms), and 12 years of teaching in Montreal area fitness centres (Cummings Seniors Centre, YMCA’s, Leonardo Da Vinci Center, etc.), I have the experience to tailor my instruction to your individual interests and constraints. My teacher graduated from the University of Beijing in Physical Education, and I hold a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from McGill; with these formal backgrounds I can instruct the meditation aspect of Tai Chi (sitting, standing

Tai Chi Instructor in Toronto - Yang

In-home private Tai Chi and corporate Tai Chi in Toronto

Yang can teach in-home private Tai Chi and Corporate Tai Chi in the Toronto region.

I have been practicing Yang style Tai Chi with my friends and colleagues for 20 years. I enjoy doing Tai Chi to maintain and improve my physical health, and better deal with stress.

Yang style Tai Chi is the most widely practiced Tai Chi style in the world. The Yang form is typically done with slow and steady movements, which help practitioners relax and feel the flow of energy within their bodies. It is beautiful to watch, and relaxing to do. With its grace

Tai Chi Instructor Ottawa & Gatineau - Marc

If you are looking for Corporate or Private Tai Chi Classes in Ottawa

Marc has practiced martial arts for more than 40 years. He has formal training in Karate, Aikido and Boxing. As of 1990, Marc has chosen to devote himself entirely to the practice, the study and the development of Tai Chi and Qigong. He had the opportunity to study full time or through workshops with some of the most respected instructors and masters such as Michel Babin, Sam Masich, Master Joseph Chen, Master Yang Jwing-Ming, R. Huneault, Sensei Mary Heiny, Sensei Don Dickie They all had a very special and yet very important

Qigong Instructor in Toronto- Marta

Are you Looking for Corporate or In-Home Qigong in Toronto?

Marta can teach corporate or in-home Qigong in Toronto.  I am a certified Qi Gong trainer and have been a trainer for the past 5 years.  I regularly lead classes and workshops in Qi Gong and have worked with clients in Italy, Central America and now in Canada. I have a black belt in Vietnamese Kung Fu, studied for 12 years with Master Bao Lan in Padova, Italy and have competed in numerous competitions for 5 years. 

I enjoy teaching both the most famous forms as well as other more healing-oriented using the energy field.  I

Tai Chi Instructor Montreal - Leon

We can help with workplace stress with corporate Tai Chi in Montreal

Leon can help your organization to reduce workplace stress with corporate Tai Chi classes in Montreal. He is a professional Tai Chi instructor who can teach the core skills of Tai Chi through specific teaching methods.  I will show my students how Qigong works as a breathing technique in Tai Chi.  I will explain how Strength Skill works in terms of biomechanics, and how one can apply this trick in reality.  I will unveil the mystery of pushing the human body to its fullest, as well as adding to one’s willpower.  Tai Chi

Tai Chi Instructor Brampton and Toronto - German

Corporate and private Tai Chi in Mississauga, Brampton

We offer corporate and private Tai Chi in Mississauga, Brampton, and Oakville. If you are looking for a Tai Chi Instructor, contact us! We have a team of teachers in the Toronto area. Let us introduce you to German who can teach Tai Chi at your office or at your home.  Discover the benefits that bring Eastern philosophy, improving health, management of stress, and improving your energy through this ancient wisdom.

Tai Chi (Yang family style) is an excellent and effective discipline for rehabilitation and maintenance of health and

Tai Chi Instructor in Ottawa - Zhang

We offer corporate Tai Chi and private Tai Chi in Ottawa 

Zhang offers corporate Tai Chi and Private Tai Chi in Ottawa.  He has been practicing Tai Chi Quan for 20 years and teaching it for 5 years. His commitment to his personal fitness is reflected in his ability to train how to do self-control, relaxation and rebuild the whole body. He specializes in traditional Chen style and yang style tai chi Quan. He can teach all ages and all levels.

He is RMT now in Ontario Canada. Prior to coming to Canada, Hongxu practiced as an Orthopaedic Doctor in China. He believes strongly that by maintaining his

Tai Chi Instructor Toronto - Seok-Kwon

We offer Corporate Tai Chi and private Tai Chi in Toronto, Scarborough and Richmond Hill

Let us introduce you to Seok-Kwon who can teach corporate Tai Chi or Private Tai Chi in the Toronto area.

I have been practicing Dong-Moon martial art for more than 25 years. Dong-Moon refers to a Korean traditional martial art family and their skills and techniques have been handed down to confined practitioners for more than 300 years.

There are two major practicing spheres in Dong-Moon; one is for health and the other is for self-defense.

Tai Chi Quan belongs to health sphere. It consists of

Personal Trainer, Qigong Instructor in Mississauga & Brampton - Nathan

Personal trainer & Qigong instructor in Mississauga and Brampton

Are you looking for a personal trainer or Qigong instructor in Mississauga or Brampton?  Let Santé Active introduce you to Nathan who can train you or teach you Qigong classes at your workplace or home.


A graduate of the George Brown Colleges Fitness and Lifestyle management program, I have over 15 years of experience under my belt as a personal trainer and fitness consultant. My passion growing up was always fitness, gymnastics and also the art of Chinese martial arts, where I was on the Canadian wushu team for a

Qi gong Instructor in Toronto - Gina

Tai Chi and Qi Gong for seniors and for corporations in Toronto

Save time looking searching for a Tai Chi or Qi Gong instructor, we have a team of Instructors in Toronto.  We offer Tai Chi and QiGong to seniors and also to corporations in Greater Toronto.  If you are looking for a Qi Gong Instructor let us introduce you to Gina.


For about fifteen years, I have been involved with educating and practicing Holistic Medicine in one shape or form.  I first studied TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and learned their theories which is completely fascinating to me and still is!  I later

Tai Chi Instructor Montreal West Island - Chantal

Tai Chi and Qigong for seniors and corporations in Montreal, West Island

Save time searching for a Tai Chi or Qi Gong instructor, we have a team of Instructors in Montreal and West Island.  We offer Tai Chi and QiGong to seniors and also to corporations in Montreal and West Island.  If you are looking for a Qi Gong or Tai Chi Instructor let us introduce you to Chantal.

I was born with a passion for movement and began classical training at a very young age in ballet and music. I was very fortunate to have parents who understood the importance of a healthy lifestyle which included the

Qigong Instructor Montreal and West Island - Jasper

Tai Chi and Qigong for seniors and corporations in Montreal, West Island


We have a team of Qigong and Tai Chi instructors who can teach in Montreal and the West Island.  We offer Tai Chi and QiGong to seniors and corporations. I would like to introduce you to Jasper if you are seeking a Qi Gong instructor.  


Since 2018, students have benefited from the physical and mental relaxation that comes from taking a class with me. I have been teaching the wellness arts of Qigong and Yoga to individuals and groups alike. My hope and vision are to share these arts widely so that people

Qigong & Tai Chi Instructor Mississauga, Brampton and Guelph- Blaise

Tai Chi and Qigong for seniors and corporations in Brampton and Mississauga


We are a team of experienced instructors specializing in Qigong and Tai Chi, and we offer classes in Brampton, Mississauga, and Guelph. Our services cater to seniors, corporations, and private clients who wish to learn Tai Chi and Qigong in the comfort of their homes. With a strong presence in the Toronto area, we are confident that we have an instructor in your vicinity. Allow us to introduce Blaise, our skilled Tai Chi and Qigong instructor who can guide you on your wellness journey.


My journey began

Qigong Instructor Toronto - Nataliya

Qigong for seniors and corporations in Toronto

Save time searching for a Qi Gong instructor; our team of highly skilled instructors is based in Toronto. We proudly offer Qi Gong sessions tailored for seniors and corporations alike. Whether you're seeking an instructor for personal growth or corporate wellness programs in Toronto, we have the perfect solution for you. Allow us to introduce you to Nataliya, our experienced and dedicated Qi Gong Instructor. With her expertise, you're sure to experience the profound benefits of this ancient practice. Let's embark on a journey of well-being and

Tai Chi Instructor Toronto- Omar

Toronto Tai Chi & Qi Gong: Seniors & Corporate Wellness Programs

Enhance mind-body wellness in Toronto with Santé Active's Tai Chi and Qi Gong experts. We offer tailored programs for seniors, individuals, and corporate teams, bringing the benefits of these mindful practices directly to you.

Benefits Focus:


  • Seniors: Improve balance, flexibility, and relaxation with our gentle, senior-focused Tai Chi sessions.
  • Corporations: Boost employee well-being, reduce stress, and enhance focus with our customized corporate Tai Chi & Qi Gong programs.

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