Our Workplace Wellness Conferences and Lunch and Learns

Are you looking for corporate wellness conferences or lunch and learns in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary or Montreal?

Contact Santé Active we offer corporate wellness conferences and lunch and learn in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary or Montreal. You will benefit from the expertise and knowledge of our team of professionals who can present conferences on a variety of topics such as the benefits of physical activity, nutrition and its impact on our health, and reduce your stress at work and at home. If you cannot find the presentation you are looking for, take the time to contact us and we will find it for you.


This service is designed for corporations, community organizations, government employees, or any other group of people interested in this service. Our workshops and lectures are adapted to meet the needs of our customers. Whether you are a small, medium, or large company we are passionate about what we do so our events are dynamic and filled with fun, games, and interaction between the speakers and the participants.


When choosing Santé Active you are saving the time you would take to search for the conference you need while ensuring the quality of service. We take care of everything for you.


Our team of speakers is mobile and can travel to your workplace in the greater Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and Calgary areas.


Our corporate wellness lunch and learn and conferences are available in the morning, during lunch hours, or any other time that would be convenient for your team.

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Corporate Wellness Conference and Lunch and Learn

Conferences - Lunch & Learns About Physical Activity

Are you looking for a corporate wellness lunch & learn or conference about physical activity in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal or Calgary?

Our corporate wellness lunch and learns and wellness conferences about physical activity can be presented in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary or Montreal. They are designed to inform your employees or participants about the benefits and importance of fitness for their health. We can help them incorporate physical activity into their routine and live a more active lifestyle. We will introduce them to some tips and tricks to succeed.

Here are a few titles we can

Corporate Wellness Conferences and Lunch & Learns about Nutrition

Are you looking for a corporate wellness lunch & learn or conference about nutrition in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal or Calgary?

If you are searching for a corporate wellness lunch and learn or conference about nutrition for your employee wellness program, Santé Active can build and present conferences or lunch and learn about nutrition in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal or Calgary. During these lectures, we can speak about several different topics related to nutrition and its importance to prevent health and weight problems. We will help participants make the right choices and inform them about

Conferences - Lunch and Learn about Stress Management

Are you looking for a corporate wellness lunch & learn or conference about stress management in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary or Montreal

If you are looking for a corporate wellness lunch & learn or conference about stress management in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary or Montreal contact us. Another very popular health conference topic to consider for your corporate wellness program for your employees or the members of your organization is stress management. More specifically; how to manage their stress better at work and at home. We are able to address several facets of this subject with our multi