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Corporate Fitness Client

"The best decision we made was to bring Boost Camp to our workplace for a day after the work session.  We absolutely love our trainer! Mo was encouraging from day 1.  He is full of practical tips, and good conversation, and has such an interest in the people around him that makes it so fun to work out together.  Within a short time, I was hooked on Boost Camp and started to notice positive changes!  If you think you want to train, but you don't really like the gym environment, you want to have fun doing it, and you need to see and achieve positive results, then I can honestly say you could not do better than startup Sante Activ Boost Camp!  I am happy to support a company that I have had only good experiences with, from the organizational aspect to the actual work out, and trainer - I have only good things to say! Thank You!"

Aleksandra - Toronto area
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One on One personal training client

We were able to meet with Rikki yesterday. Thank you for connecting us - we are taken with how kind, informative, and helpful she's already shown herself to be. Her spirit and knowledge are incredible, and we're so pleased to have her form part of my Mom's team! My Mom has already taken steps to implement Rikki's advice around nutrition that we sought when we met with her, and Mom is looking forward to the next time she meets with Rikki.

Kiara - Calgary

One on one personal training Client

I have tried different gyms and workout programs in the past and have had limited results.  It got to the point where I gave up because the amount of work was not worth the results.  A friend of mine suggested I try a personal trainer so, with very low expectations, I gave it a shot.  What a difference!  In 2 months I lost 22lbs, 3 inches off my waist and 4% of my body fat.  And I wasn't doing any more work than before.  I just had the knowledge to do things correctly like grouping exercises together, targeting certain muscles, breathing and having the right attitude.  

Most importantly, She listened and understood my limitations and we worked within them.  She was not a drill sergeant yelling in my ear but instead but more of a facilitator giving me the tools to succeed.  All I had to do was show up.  Couple that with diet tips, recipes and a handy iPhone app that she introduced me to so I could watch my calories, I'm now reminded of the results every time I get dressed in the morning.  My clothes are too big now!

Nick - Calgary corporate

Corporate Client

A brief comment about my experience in Sante Active Boost Camp class is the strength in my arms and legs is remarkable. Before I couldn't even do a push-up, now I can move faster and my stress back pain is no longer there. I don't really think I lost weight, but instead, I replaced muscular tissue, I feel good and I can see the results, is all muscle now! 

Thanks for such a great Boost Camp class, you really take away the stress in our regular lives, 

Marketing Coordinator 

Globe Union Canada - Montreal corporate

Corporate Client

Hello Sante Active

Thank you again for the conference about nutrition, the group consensus is that they all enjoyed the workshop.  For my part, I liked the structure and your message was very clear you made everything very easy to follow. 

I'll keep you in mind for our next conference.

Thank you very much

Ciro, Plant Director

BELL Flavors & Fragrances - Brossard 

Yoga and Zumba client visiting Montreal

Good Afternoon Ben,

First of all.... Ben YOU are AWESOME!!!?
THANK YOU SO MUCH for the beautiful birthday card!! That was sooo thoughtful of you!!   My experience in Montreal and your kindness made my birthday extra special!
I MUST THANK YOU for your fabulous service and you introducing us to wonderful Kay!
Kay was absolutely a DELIGHT and her Zumba & Yoga instructions were SUPERB!!!
We would need all day to talk about how absolutely WONDERFUL Kay's class was received!!!
Our class was exquisite!!! It was everything I envisioned and more!!  Everyone enjoyed her great choice in music and great moves!
It was an outstanding day!! My Girlfriends were filled with sheer delight with Kay's courtesy and assistance in making the whole Santé Active experience one we will cherish forever!!
Attached are pics of the fantastic morning we had with Kay!!!  We could say many more positive things about her and your wonderful service, but it would take 10 pages longer for you to read!!!
Thank You again for all your promptness and professionalism, if we ever come back to Montreal, we will definitely call you again!!

Pam from Los Angeles  visiting Montreal