Corporate and Private Yoga Ottawa - Agnes Yoga Instructor

Corporate and Private Yoga Ottawa

Are you looking for private yoga or corporate yoga in Ottawa?

We offer private and corporate yoga in the Ottawa region. Let Santé Active introduce you to Agnes one of our yoga instructors in the Ottawa region.

When I have started my first asana, I haven't expected that I will find my path.

I began my journey of discovery with yoga a few years ago as a result of chronic back pain no doubt brought on by raising my three children. Yoga brought balance to my life, calmness to my mind and often a point of complete settle down. My practice has helped me grew stronger, more flexible and balanced. Yoga inspires me to live each moment more mindfully.

 I am a qualified Hatha yoga teacher with strong interest and love to Yin and Restorative yoga.

I teach what is inside of me and at every moment I come to the level of my students and builds them up. My goal is to understand them and be with them in their own yoga journey.

Besides my yoga journey, I am an Early Childhood Educator teaching an after-school program and a teacher at the Saturday polish school.

And my passion is dancing the Argentinean tango and painting with my youngest students.

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Corporate and Private Yoga Ottawa