Yoga in the workplace

Workplace yoga in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Montreal

Would you like yoga classes at your workplace?  Our company offers corporate yoga classes in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Calgary.  For more information about corporate yoga, please contact us. Companies are increasingly recognizing the value of yoga for their employees and executives as part of their employee wellness programs. Researchers have found that employees who practice yoga at work have more energy and enthusiasm and cope better with stressful situations.  We have a team of yoga instructors and we assist you in organizing yoga classes at work.


Now we offer online yoga

Yoga in the workplace allows your team to work peacefully in spite of a hectic corporate environment. Corporate Yoga is a gentle form of exercise that increases flexibility, strength, balance, concentration, and breath capacity while reducing stress and anxiety. Our team of yoga instructors in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Montreal can teach yoga for your employee wellness program.

Is yoga part of your wellness program?

If you would like to have yoga lessons for your office, contact us; we provide qualified and certified teachers who will teach the basics of yoga on-site and the type of yoga you want. We will make it easy so everyone can learn and experience the proven benefits of corporate yoga. We can customize our yoga classes to best suit the needs of your company and its employees. It is a great way for your employees to connect in a fun and relaxing environment.

Don’t be afraid to bring yoga into your office because of factors like a large staff or a small space. For those reasons, we also offer chair yoga.

Office Yoga and Corporate Yoga

Why yoga at the office? 

Yoga has many benefits for employees!

  1. Enhances flexibility
  2. Improves muscle strength and tone
  3. Improvements in posture
  4. Helps you concentrate
  5. It calms you
  6. Provides you with inner strength
  7. It improves brain function.
  8. Boost your memory
  9. Relief of work-related injuries from repetitive motion and head, neck, and back strain.
  10. Improves concentration, decision-making, and multitasking skills
  11. Employees who are happier


  • A yoga mat is recommended.
  • For both men and women
  • For factory and office employees
  • We offer 30, 45, or 60-minute sessions.
  • We offer yoga classes for corporate events
  • We also offer chair yoga in offices with limited space.
  • You can choose the yoga style you prefer.
  • We offer online yoga classes.

Corporate yoga in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary or Montreal

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