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Workplace Yoga Classes  Toronto - Shani

We offer private yoga and yoga in the workplace Toronto

If you are looking for a yoga instructor in Toronto contact us.  We have a team of yoga instructors and we can deliver corporate and private yoga to where it is convenient for you. Let Santé Active introduce you to Shani who can teach private yoga at your home or yoga to your workplace in Toronto

Yoga for her is a way of life

Since her early childhood, she found peace in movement and philosophy. She has been practicing meditation for more than 12 years. She learned different styles of martial arts and yoga. She earned a BA in business administration and sociology/anthropology.  After exploring different aspects of life She finally let herself embark on the path of YOGA.

During her lessons, she guides her students to reveal their true nature of just being. She invites them to experience the simplicity of flow in postures, breathing and true self. Through those lessons, students gain strength and flexibility, reduce stress levels and achieve peace and harmony. But those are just the side effects of a good yoga practice.

Namaste everyone!

If you are looking for private yoga or yoga classes in the workplace in Toronto

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