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We offer Zumba in the workplace and Zumba for seniors in Calgary

Are you in need of an energetic Zumba instructor to lead revitalizing sessions at your corporate workplace or offer captivating Zumba classes for senior homes in Calgary? Look no further than Santé Active! Let us introduce you to Marie-Charlotte, one of our committed instructors located in Calgary. Discover the fitness energy with Santé Active!


Welcome to my page! As a fan of dance since childhood, I knew that I would need to do something about it in my life. I began to do Zumba when I arrived in Canada in 2014. Since then, my passion for it never ended. Zumba is a way to express yourself and dance with passion, even if you don't know the choreography yet.


We don't care, we dance! I decided to become a Zumba instructor in 2022. I have experience in gyms and companies.

Feel free to contact me to book a class with me!

I speak French too!

Zumba for workplaces, for seniors, and for kids in Calgary

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