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Corporate Zumba in Barrie and Private Zumba

We offer corporate Zumba and private Zumba in Barrie

Are you looking for a Zumba Instructor?  Nicte offers Corporate Zumba and Private Zumba in Barrie. She has been in the dance industry for many years and I love to be a dance teacher, especially Zumba instructor. I enjoy sharing my passion for dacne and health , because, also, I am physiotherapist. 

She Mexican, from the state of Yucatan, I have Latin American blood and the rhythm in my veins. I have taken Zumba courses as in Mexico as in Spain and don’t feel Zumba instructor as a job because I enjoy exercising and dancing.

Zumba is not just a dance or sport, it’s a life style which brings happiness and good vibes to the class room.

You will dance many styles such as Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, Kizomba, Bachata, Samba and much more in one class. You will have so much fun exercise at the same time. Don’t think it twice, come dance with me!

So, you don’t have a pretext, Zumba is for all ages!

We bring Corporate Zumba and Private Zumba where it is convenient for you in Barrie

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Corporate Zumba and Private Zumba Class in Barrie