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Zumba in the workplace and Zumba for seniors Ottawa and gatineau

Are you looking for a Zumba instructor in Ottawa or gatineau for Zumba classes at your workplace or for seniors?b  We have a team of Zumba instructors near you and we can help you to save time finding an instructor.  Let us introduce you to Marie-Ève.


My name is Marie-Eve, born and raised in Chibougamau, Northern Quebec, I started my fitness journey as a lifeguard, at 14 years old. After college and university, I discovered salsa and absolutely fell in love with latin rythms. I have always been interested in learning different languages and cultures - I studied in International Relations and currently speak four languages including French, English, Spanish and Portuguese - dancing salsa fit right into my life.


Four years ago, I discovered Zumba. What I loved most about Zumba was that I could dance on these incredible latin rythms anytime I wanted, without having to find a partner. I started going to Zumba classes once, then twice, then up to four times per week. I was in awe. I loved discovering new hits, trying new choreos while having some of the highest intensity workouts that I have ever participated in.


I got my license to teach Zumba in September 2019 and started to teach right away at Elgin Fitness, Ottawa. It was so absolutely rewarding that when the pandemic hit, in March 2020, I decided to continue to offer my Zumba classes virtually. My virtual classes are quite successful and allowed me to continue to connect with my Zumba family and stay in shape while doing what I love.


My Zumba class is high in energy. It incorporates a lot of variety including, of course, basic latin rythms but also Street and Urban Styles, Afrobeat, Brazilian funk, and Pop. I primarily use new hits and add new songs weekly to keep it fresh, interesting and challenging.


Besides teaching Zumba, I currently work for the Federal Government in Indigenous Affairs, which I am also very passionate about.


To learn all about my A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Zumba classes, visit my Facebook page: Zumba Livestream with Marie-Eve, or my Zumba Instructor page at zumba.com or email me at marieeve.sabourin@outlook.com.


I am looking forward to dancing with you soon!

Zumba in the workplace or Zumba for seniors in ottawa and Gatineau

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Corporate Zumba and Zumba for Seniors Ottawa and Gatineau